Friday, November 14, 2008

Many thanks to Philipa for sharing her Polly Pocket story with us!

My dad originally brought a big box of polly pockets when I was a baby and we lived in england. He would give me one at a time when I was good or we were going on hoilday. At first, he thought I didn't like them very much and suggested giving them to my older cousins. But luckily, mum stepped in the way and said I just needed time to grow up and really appreciate them. Now twelve years on, I have fifty polly pockets and still collecting. I live in a small country down da bottom of the world so there are not many ways to get hold of new polly pockets for my collection. So my collection doesn't get added to very much. I'm not allowed on ebay so I rely on acquaintances to hook me up with people they know with unwanted polly pockets.

My first polly pocket I ever got was the pink present compact with the townhouse inside.

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