Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here is a great little story from Janice (thank you for sharing)...what a great imagination her little sweetie has!

I bought a cute dollhouse at the Goodwill that fascinated me. It had a little goldfish that circled round and round if you turned the knob and a hamster that ran inside a wheel if you turned it. It had a bed that the (plastic) covers lifted up and a toilet lid that opened, a swing that you can move back and forth, oh, and so many other details that a child could discover by playing with it. I didn't know anything about Polly Pocket but I knew I loved this dollhouse!

I couldn't wait until my three year old granddaughter, Brandie's next visit to introduce this new toy. She loved it! I didn't have any "little people" to go with it, but I thought she would be content with it "as is". I had cleaned it up real good before her visit, but when I was putting the toys away I noticed it had something all over it. It was chalk! And underneath the bed covers she had put a "baby", a small piece of blackboard chalk! That chalk "baby" had gotten around, I'll tell you, as she explored the whole playset! It had taken a bath in the bathtub, visited the toilet, sat on the couch, played on the swing, etc.! There was chalk all over! Well, I could see she needed the "little people" that came with this playset, so I looked up "Polly Pocket" which was the name on the gate on the front. Turns out it was the Petland playset. I found the website "", and since then I have collected more playsets and some of the dolls, to the delight of my grandchildren!