Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picture Perfect!

Polly is always very careful about her appearance. She takes a shower or bath (See Bathtime Fun, 1991) each day. She likes a bath the feels so good to relax in the nice warm water with bubbles all around her.

Once a week, Polly visits her friend, Pixie, at her hair salon where Polly has her hair shampooed and set (Polly's Hair Salon, 1990). She and Pixie chat while Polly's hair is drying.

She often goes shopping after her beauty treatment. She has two favorite dress shops. One is on the mail street of Pollyville (See Magical Movin' Pollyville, 1996). The other is close to Polly's home (See Dress Shop, 1995) to say hello to another friend, Alexia, and look at the lovely display of hats, dresses and skirts!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ebay has been great over the years but the changing environment has left many sellers and buyers dissatisfied with the ebay experience. Have you tried Bonanzle?

Many ebay sellers (and buyers) are fleeing to so you just might find those wonderful, hard-to-find items that used to be on ebay!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Polly's Clubhouse

Polly tries very hard to keep in good physical shape. She works out often (Stylin' Workout, 1995), sometimes alone but often with friends. She goes to the Clubhouse, (1995) where she exercises with five girlfriends on different kinds of equipment. They have several size bars to use and a stationary bike, unicycle and message chair. After a strenuous workout, they all enjoy the rest of the afternoon having an outdoor luncheon and playing and listening to some soothing music on the piano and cello.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is a fun little piece of trivia for you Polly fans who are also NCIS/Jethro Gibbs fans.

There was an episode entitled "requiem" that originally aired in 2007 and again in December, 2008. In it, Jethro discovers his deceased daughter, Kelly, and a friend buried a "time capsule" (old lunchbox) in the backyard of their house.

Just prior to the filming of that episode, I got an email from the Prop Department asking for Polly Pockets. What do you know!?

So we sent a Perfect Piano Recital and Polly in her Bedroom Locket (both 1991). Here is a picture of the contents of that time capsule. You can see our own Polly among Kelly's other treasures.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Polly loves to ride her horses and has two horses of her own. They are named Lightening, who is white, and her dark brown horse is named Thunder. (See Stable on the Go, 1994). She takes them many places in her horse van which also has a traveling "home" for her to cook, eat, sleep and even watch television!

Polly often travels around to special events such as pony jumping (see Pony Jumpin' Fun, 1995) and also to some shows (see Pony Ridin' Show, 1994).

Polly has more fun with her horses! Do you have a horse?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fifi's Parisian Apartment

Polly Pocket has a good friend who lives in France. Her name is Fifi (Fifi's Parisian Apartment - 1990). She has a pretty apartment in Paris and she can see the Eiffel Tower from her balcony. Fifi has two adorable french poodles, one is all black and one is all white. Her apartment overlooks a park where she walks her poodles each day.

Polly sometimes goes to Paris to visit Fifi (Polly in Paris - 1996). When she does, they go on a shopping spree at the many wonderful couturiers in Paris. Afterward, lunch at the Eiffel Tower and some wonderful conversation, as friends do.

By the way, did you know that a good way to clean Polly Pocket compacts and houses is to wipe them with 70% rubbing alcohol and a terry cloth? The alcohol will not hurt the plastic but treat painted surfaces very gently as vigorous rubbing may damage some paints.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of Polly Pockets dolls?! Most are images of Polly in different clothes dressed for various functions. Sometimes she is a ballerina in a tutu, a school girl, a bridesmaid at a wedding and many more.

Other dolls include Tiny Tina, Polly's little sister, and many, many friends. There are also many animals included in various sets as in the Zoo World (1989) that boasts an elephant, a monkey and a polar bear.

You can find information on all of the vintage Polly Pocket sets at Only Polly Pocket.

The site was started in 2000 primarily to list sets for our family's children (they had tons of sets and dolls but didn't know who lived where!). The site quickly became an informational site for collectors and others interested in these precious little dolls and play sets. Visitors began asking to buy the sets on the site (which were all part of our personal collection) so we started searching far and wide for complete sets to sell to our visitors.

Only Polly Pocket has been host to millions of visitors from all over the world in the years since it started. We added a counter to the site in late-2006 and have, just since then, enjoyed hosting more than 700,000 visitors from 199 countries.

The site is still constantly maintained by the developer for the free use of all Polly Pocket fans! We hope to have you enjoy our Polly world for many years to come.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Do you remember back in the day when the vintage Polly Pockets were advertised on television? Check out this one to take a walk down memory lane!

Polly Pocket in Pollyville